Saturday, October 24, 2009

From Russia with Love

Wooden dollies!
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Haven't posted in quite a while! The summer was kind of a blur -- trip to Russia, a new job, and moving back to the East Coast. Now that things have calmed down (comparatively), it's fall already! Hoping to get back into the swing of uploading pics and posting. I've been busy making things, so plenty of art to post about.

Here's a set of nesting dolls I found while in Russia this summer. I was on the lookout for blank dolls the whole trip, but didn't spot these till a few days before we left. The vendor only had one set or I would have bought more. When I was in Russia in 2004 I saw blank sets all over the place and never thought to buy one -- regretting that now! I'm still thinking on how to paint these.

Matrioshka: Create
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And I've got dollies on the brain lately. I'm hosting a doll swap on ATCsforAll and made lots of matrioshka ATCs. I've also started working on a 12"x12" painting with dolls.

I just can't get enough of these sweet dolls. I love how they open up - it's so much fun to play with them! I've purchased many sets while in Russia, but most

Crafting 365, Day 72
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ended up as gifts. I've got one set with fairy tale paintings on the tummies. It's a lovely set, five dolls together. Since I'm not sure when I'll be back in Russia to get more dollies, painting some is the next best thing!

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  1. How cool Katie! I love Matrioshkas and I painted a set last year, I traded it over at iATCs.
    Here's the link to the place we bought them from:

    Here's what my set looks like: